Pulsed Light Treatment (IPLâ„¢) in Perth

Over the course of time, your skin loses its firm, clear and youthful appearance. This is the normal ageing process. As time passes, skin thins, ends up being damaged or even loses its natural suppleness.

In addition to the natural ageing process, stress, exposure to the sun together with particular lifestyle elements can cause pigmented spots to appear and also the little blood vessels in the face, referred to as capillaries, to break, appearing as red blotches and streaks. Many of our patients suffer from “age spots” as well as broken capillaries.

Fortunately, there is a fast and simple method to deal with these all too common skin complaints, that doesn’t entail surgical treatment.

Pulsed light treatments – using a different wavelength from that employed for skin rejuvenation – may also be used for permanent hair reduction. The Cutera Prowave is so effective that, in most cases, only 6 treatments are required to result in the specified outcome on any area of the body – armpits, chin, bikini line, upper lip on ladies and the back, shoulders or the reduction in a heavy beard for men – to be rectified . Stop having to shave twice every day – or to waxing – once and for all!