Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkle Injections Perth Wrinkle InjectionsWhat are wrinkles?
Wrinkles are formed by our everyday facial movements. Over time the areas of creasing or wrinkling become more prominent. When we are young these lines go away when we stop laughing or frowning but as we age these wrinkles and lines become permanent. Unfortunately, they can make us look fatigued or stressed even when we are actually feeling good.

What are Wrinkle Injections?

Wrinkle injections are a painless way to produce a fresher and more rejuvenated appearance. They smooth out and remove wrinkles temporarily and can also help to prevent long-term formation of permanent wrinkles. Using very small amounts of anti-wrinkle injections can help relax specific muscle areas. For example, we can relax the muscles on your frown to prevent the frown line or around your eyes to stop the appearance of crows feet.

Wrinkle injections do not immediately correct lines that can be seen when you are at rest. These should be treated with dermal fillers or through skin resurfacing. However, over a number of anti-wrinkle treatments your skin may have a chance to regenerate to some extent. In fact, many patients find that with treatment over time their skin texture actually improves and appears healthier.

The best candidate is someone in their late 20′s to early 50′s that is concerned about wrinkle lines in the forehead region and around the eyes.

Which areas can be Treated?
Wrinkle injections are most commonly used for treatment of the glabellar lines (between the eyebrows), forehead lines, and for crows feet around the eyes. They can also be used to create an eyebrow lift, to stop the mouth from pulling down, reduce gummy smiles (by lowering the upper lip), and to reduce neck bands.

These muscle relaxants can also be used for jawline slimming and contouring. It can help to soften a square jawline. They can also be used for the treatment of excessive sweating.

What Does Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatment Involve?
The wrinkle injections involve having a number of small injections in the areas that are being treated. The needles used are extremely fine, smaller than a diabetic needle. The procedure only takes a short time – up to 15 minutes. There is minimal discomfort experienced with only a tiny sting that lasts a few seconds, however, topical anaesthetic cream is available for those who prefer and ice is used to further reduce any discomfort.

How will it change the way I look?
The full effect of anti-wrinkle injections are generally seen only after 1-2  weeks. It typically takes 3-4 days for the treatment to begin and you will gradually notice a gradual relaxation of the muscles treated.

The treatment will likely improve the appearance of lines and create a softer, younger, fresher and more natural-looking appearance.

How long do Wrinkle Injections last?

The duration is dependent upon the dose administered, however, treatment usually lasts 3-4 months. The more treatments you have the longer the results seem to last due to progressive weakening of the muscles treated. If you decide to cease treatment, wrinkles will return to their pre-injection state – they will not worsen.

Are Wrinkle Injections Safe?
Anti-wrinkle injections have been used for cosmetic purposes for over a decade and for medical purposes for even longer without any reports of permanent side effects. It is used in many areas of medicine including children with cerebral palsy.

Are there any Side Effects?

Generally, there are few side effects to treatment and no downtime involved. You can return to normal activities immediately.Temporary side effects that some may experience with wrinkle injections can include tenderness and bruising at the site of injection. Less frequent side effects can include headache, temporary eyelid droop and nausea. A particular eyedrop can be given to temporarily reduce the effect of this side effect if necessary.